Text Resources -- Excerpts from our manuals
The following are abreviated versions of the medical manuals that accompany our software, available here for general reference. Click on a title to go to the menu for the text material. All material is copyrighted by Bruce Argyle, MD. You are welcome to excerpt this material for "fair use" as long as it is credited. The appropriate credit citation will be found at the bottom of the individual menu pages. To "grab" a quote, drag the mouse over the text, press control-C, then switch to your text processor. Press Control-V to paste the text. ACLS Flowcharts are graphical -- the image can be saved as a GIF image by right-clicking your mouse over the flowchart. Thank you for using our web site.

MicroEKG manual cover art Chest Pain Simulator cover art
ECG Interpretation
12-lead ECG and rhythm strip interpretation
Chest Pain Management
Workup and stabilization of chest pain
Blood Gases manual cover art Trauma One! manual cover
Blood Gases
Acid-base balance, diffusion gradients, etc
Stabilization of Trauma
Multiple-trauma management
Cardiac Arrest ACLS 2000 Flowcharts
New treatment guideline charts!

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