Database Entry

Adding a prescription to the database :

  • Enter the database editor (click on the Edit Datase button)
  • Click on "Create new instruction text" button (third button from left)
  • Type a title for the prescription.
  • Type the prescription in the box below the title.
  • The lower box is for Spanish. If you have the information in the upper box translated into Spanish, enter it in the lower box.
  • Select All from the dropdown box
  • Select Print Rx from the Type of text box
  • Check the DEA Print box if this is to be a scheduled prescription. Typically this is done for controlled prescriptions only.
  • Click "Save as"
  • Click on Print Rx in the Into Section box. Choose a Menu item. Select an existing prescription in the Location in Submenu box. If no prescription already exists, just click in the box. Click the Insert button (before or after).

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"To prevent unauthorized prescription printing and editing of the database, you can password protect Paige XT in Setup."

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