Paige XT Updates

The latest version is 8.52

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This is only a patch file, not the complete program. Update file requires Paige XT version 8.0 or later.

*Important: If upgrading from version 8.033 or earlier, you will need to change the third digit of your authorization code to an S (Example: 123-456... change to 12S-456...)

Change log:

  • Fix run-time error when creating new menu buttons (8.52)
  • Barcode option on bottom of instruction pages (8.504)
  • Auto importing of new PAIGE database files (8.404)
  • Fixed "runtime error 6; overflow" error (8.402)
  • Scans provider list file at startup and fixes if necessary (8.4)
  • Added option to clear patient data after print (8.394)
  • Added prompt if patient name not changed since last print (8.393)
  • Added care provider and patient name to print screen (8.393)
  • Increased size of preview instruction box (8.392)
  • Fixed bug in Forms printing extra blank page (8.391)
  • Rx disp. qty. # written out alphabetically via utility in DB editor (8.39)
  • Sequential numbering of Rx (8.38)
  • Rx date written out alphabetically (8.37)
  • Other field (DPS#) for care provider included on Rx (8.37)
  • Thermal printer support (Star TSP800) (8.366)
  • Added Rx footer template for MO state (8.365)
  • Both NP/PA and supervising MD DEA on controlled Rx (8.364)
  • DEA of supervising MD on Rx (8.363)
  • Copy instructions to EMR yes/no checkbox on print screen (8.33)
  • Provider list network/local configuration options (8.31)
  • New Rx footer template (8.31)
  • Encrypted password in Setup screen (8.22)
  • NPI number on Rx (8.21)
  • Supervising MD on Rx (8.21)
  • Unique Rx letterhead per Provider (8.21)
  • Clone and rename menu files (8.21)
  • Supports .gif and .jpg files in header (8.14)
  • Expanded local / network configuration (8.14)
  • Added 6/page Rx printing layout (8.13)
  • Added custom paper size for Rx printing (8.1)
  • Increases the space needed for 4 line Rx. (8.062)
  • Added a new Rx footer template for New York State (8.060)
  • Added 1/page Rx printing, 8.5" x 11" paper, upper left corner (8.059)
  • Prints DEA# on all or specified Rx (8.058)
  • Added 4/page Rx printing - portrait layout (8.057)
  • Improved DEA# function (8.056)
  • Optional DEA# on prescriptions (8.055)
  • Fixed bug in 4/page Rx printing (8.055)
  • Retains care provider name on new patient (8.054)
  • Multiple Rx copies (8.054)
  • Enhanced search function (8.053)
  • Fixed bug in single sheet Rx printing layout (8.053)

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Click on the link to download the Paige XT updater file. You can choose to Run or Save the file. If you choose to Save the file, once downloaded, double-click the file PAIGEupdater.exe to run the updater. If updating a network system, run the updater on the server as well as each workstation.

The updater program will ask you to navigate to the directory where Paige XT is installed. The default installation location is C:\paige. You can type this address in the box or browse to the location. If browsing to the paige directory, double-click the paige folder to select it.

This update will not overwrite or change your database or any custom configuration files. It will only update the program application file, Paige.exe.

If you need assistance, please contact us or call 1-801-653-2686

*Please Note: files with a .exe extension may be blocked by a virus protection program or firewall. If you are having difficulty downloading this file, contact your network administrator.

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