What's new in Paige XT


  • Discharge instructions and prescriptions list - Over 400 new instructions and prescriptions have been added to the PAIGE database. All of the existing instructions have also been updated to current practices.
  • Graphics and Icons - Paige XT includes a large library of graphics and icons that can be included in the instruction text. These graphics help improve the quality of patient education.
  • Spanish Translations - The primary care version of Paige XT is now available in English and Spanish.

Program Features

  • Rich Text - Paige XT has the ability to format the text ( font, size, color, bold, italics, underline, etc.) It also contains a handy Spanish character converter for typing instructions in Spanish.
  • Instruction Editing - Editing instructions and prescriptions is easier than ever before. For on the fly editing, simply click in the large text window and edit as needed. For permanent changes to instructions, a new database editor has been created for simplified editing.
  • Full Screen Operation - Paige XT now runs full screen and includes a large text window where the instruction text and graphics are visible at all times. This helps decrease printing errors - "what you see is what you get".
  • Quick Start Guide - To help you get started quickly and easily, a program quick start guide has been included to help you enter your custom information including letterheads, prescription footers, global text, care providers list and more.
  • Database System - Paige XT now uses a Microsoft Access® database instead of the *.pig text file database. This helps improve program stability with newer Windows® operating systems.
  • Import Utility - Paige XT can import data from a text file or from your existing PAIGE database files and add it to the new Microsoft Access® database system. This utility is called the Intellegent Text File Processor and can be found in the Database Editor.
  • On-line Menu - Paige XT includes an on-line menu that allows you to quickly and easily connect to our web site for product updates, feedback and requests, and technical support.
  • Prescription Printing - With an updated prescription list, printing prescriptions is more convenient than ever before. Special security prescription paper has been designed specifically for the PAIGE program. For more information on prescription printing, click here.

>>Upgrade to Paige XT

>>Upgrade to Paige XT

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