Patient Instructions

PAIGE provides detailed patient discharge instructions in the form of a summary of today's office visit, including:
  A description of the patient's medical condition(s), written in plain, non-technical language
  Treatment and care information including prescribed medication instructions.
  Instructions for follow-up, e.g., lab, x-ray, other tests, next office visit, specialist referrals.
  Personalized prescriptions, work and school releases, authorization and referral forms.

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Prescription Printer

In addition to patient discharge instructions, Paige XT can also print prescriptions. This feature comes standard with all versions of Paige XT. Printing prescriptions is as easy as choosing from the extensive list of prescriptions and clicking "Print". The patients name and care provider is automatically entered, ready for the prescriber's signature. >>More

There are two versions of PAIGE:

  Emergency Medicine
  Primary Care

Both are available in English or English and Spanish. PAIGE is also network capable.

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“As the Regional Medical Director for a group of emergency physicians (EMP) seeing more than one million patients per year, I was looking for the best discharge instructions for our patients. Our mission is to be the "best in emergency medicine" and we can only achieve this by using the best software available. PAIGE may not be as flashy as some of the other companies, but it certainly achieves the same goal, and at a fraction of the cost.”

Russ Firman, MD
Emergency Medicine Physicians, Ltd.
Regional Director

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