Using the Intelligent Text File Processor

PAIGE XT includes a utility called the Intelligent Text File Processor (I.T.F.P.), located in the Database Editor. The I.T.F.P. allows you to import a text (.txt) or Rich Text (.rtf) file and convert that file quickly into the PAIGE XT database and menu entries.
  • To use the I.T.F.P., load the Database Editor by clicking the "Edit Database" button on the main PAIGE XT window.
  • In the row of buttons at the top, click on the Intelligent Text File Processor button.
  • Browse to the location of the file to be imported. To view .rtf files, change Files of type: to Rich Text (*.rtf). Select the file and click "Open".
  • The file will be loaded into the upper window. In the lower half of the Database Editor, you'll see the text editor for English and Spanish instructions. The I.T.F.P. will highlight the first text block (down to a blank line or %%%% tag). It will automatically transfer this first text block into the English instruction section, and may fill in the "Title" field.
  • The I.T.F.P. will treat the %%%% tag or a blank line as a break between instructions. If the I.T.F.P. doesn't highlight the text appropriately, you can do it manually by dragging the mouse over the text you want to save as part of your instruction database. The I.T.F.P. assumes the first line of the text block is a title. For example, if it sees the following lines:

    Fred Smith, MD
    GI Associates, Suite 210
    15 Harvester Street
    Anytown, OH 11111

    Bill Jones, DO
    the I.T.F.P. will insert the first 5 lines (from "Fred Smith, MD" down to and including "801-444-1212") into the English Text section. It will copy "Fred Smith, MD" into the title window.

  • To jump to the next text block, click on the red arrow above the upper window.
  • You can edit the text within the lower windows.
  • Click on a category for the instruction (Problem, Treatment, Followup, Prescription...), then click "Save."
  • Finally, pick the location in the menus where you want to insert the new data.

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Importing old PAIGE database files :

The Intelligent Text File Processor can also be used to import data from an old PAIGE (version 7.x) database file.

To view .PIG files, change Files of type: to PAIGE<8.0(*.pig)

The names of the files vary depending on the version of PAIGE you are upgrading from. For Emergency Medicine with Spanish, the database files are called WSDATAx.PIG; Emergency Medicine English only, EMDATAx.PIG; Primary Care, FPDATAx.PIG (Where x is a number between 1-5).

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