About Us

Mad Scientist Software was founded in 1986.  Since then, we’ve been producing innovative medical software used by medical professionals worldwide. In addition to PAIGE, Mad Sci has an award winning range of medical simulation software packages. Approved by the American College of Emergency Physicians, Mad Scientist’s “Cardiac Arrest” software was described as “a godsend for ACLS education” by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, and won the Antic Outstanding Product of the Year Award.

The founder of Mad Scientist, Dr. Bruce Argyle, MD is an experienced physician and is currently Chief of Emergency Medicine at Cottonwood Hospital Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He is also a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, recently serving as President of the Utah Chapter. 

“The PAIGE system has been our only program for discharge instructions for several years. We currently see approximately 28,000 patients per year and can't imagine not having PAIGE to complete our final paperwork. ”

Donna Upchurch
Texoma Health Care System

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